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Friday, April.30.2010

Yum…what a treat!


100.electric lime

Thursday, April.29.2010

Don’t forget to look down!



Wednesday, April.28.2010

My husband calls me today and lets me know that he has a surprise for me when he get home from work. I think to myself, what could it be? He gave me flowers last week…hmm.

When I get home from work he hands me a cardboard box. Inside I find a bathroom faucet. Apparently he won the “grand” prize at his lunch and learn. Now we have this beautiful faucet, apparently very expensive, without a home to install it in. I guess we will have to build our house around the one fixture we own.  Let the drafting begin.


Tuesday, April.27.2010


I guess you could say I’m a bit old-fashioned; most of the time I bring my own lunch to work. There is nothing better than a homemade lunch.

I usually make at least two lunches every night, one for me and one for my husband. Tonight though, I was a bit more ambitious and I made four so tomorrow I get the night off…



Monday, April.26.2010

No real surprise here. Decide for yourself.

h1 blue

Sunday, April.25.2010

Remember  when these signs used to be green? What happened?


105.yellow green

Saturday, April.24.2010

Arbor day is technically April 30th, but this year we celebrated today.  Every year a big group of us travel to CT for the festivities. Our friends have this wonderful home located right on a lake and you really absorb the natural elements in their backyard.

The day consists of a BBQ (of course), fire pits, smores, reminiscing, and the traditional kickball game.  The game was cut short due to a little mishap revolving around an adorable puppy’s teeth and a big red kickball…oops!

It was only appropriate to honor the trees today. Although now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not sure if a fire pit was a brilliant idea when we are trying to save the trees…