118.golden rod

Sunday, April.11.2010

Since the weather was so gorgeous today, my husband and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  While we were looking at all the beautiful houses and yards, we came across many blooming flowers in a variety of different colors. Although you probably assume I would focus on one of those colors, I took a different route. I looked down at the pavement.

Among the monotone sea of grey, this color stood out. The town has marked this spot as a reminder that something important is located underground. The arrows relate to what piping is going on underground and the surface paving also gives an indication of what is below.



  1. i like this one- very poetic 😉

  2. I have decided I am going to comment on everything today 🙂 I like that you didn’t go with the norm of a flower on a nice day. Also, your little blurb about what the markings are for was quite informative since I always kinda guessed what they were for but never completely knew.

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