117.desert sand

Monday, April.12.2010

My car is sick. Luckily it is at the doctors today..so tomorrow it should be all better! I had some errands to do this afternoon which could not wait, car-less or not. I put on my walking shoes, found my library books, and grabbed my camera. (Quick sidenote – Why is my ipod dead if it had a full battery 2 days ago and I have not used it since?  I do not understand that logic at all!).

Ipod-less and car-less, I was off. Friendly smiles and waves were handed out since many kids were walking home from school. I took my time walking, mentally taking notes of where I could come back and take pictures for another day and color.

Once I returned my library books, I strolled through town. The town center has a variety of building types, especially historical buildings. For obvious reasons I have a soft spot for architectural photography.

Walking vs. driving gives you a different sense of space, and you take the time to enjoy your surroundings. As one of the many banks in town, this historical building served it’s purpose for my architectural photo shoot.



  1. I have much more of an appreciation for columns ever since going to Rome. I wouldn’t normally think much of the bank I was walking into but this picture really makes this one look quite unique.

  2. Interesting architectural perspective. The color may have been close naturally, but here – well not so much. Keep going!

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