116.red violet

Tuesday, April.13.2010

Finally some color! On another walking excursion, I actually decided on some blooming flowers. I don’t really know what I was waiting for, but if I waited any longer the wind may have blown off all the petals. There is no time like the present.

On another note entirely, I have decided to include a photo of the crayon I am matching for the day.  How else can  you critique my photos if I give you nothing to compare it to? Just trust me? That would have been too easy!



  1. awesome awesome! really like it with the crayon !

  2. Ooooo! I too like the picture of the crayon and that you have a little piece of what it looks like when you use it. Some of those crayons look nothing like the color they actually show as on paper.

    Those flowers look gorgeous and match perfectly!

  3. Beautiful shot! I like both the crayon and colored sheet because sometimes it looks more like one than the other.

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