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Wednesday, April.14.2010

I had my usual job site meeting at work today.  I have to document the project’s progress anyway, so I used this as an opportunity to take some photos. When a project is in the early construction phase, the colors are pretty bland.  Two by fours do not exactly scream color. Needless to say, this straw definitely caught my attention.

Not only was the straw a splash of color, but notice it’s location.  It amazes me the ingenious ways the workers use left over materials.  Typically, this PVC piping is used as a drain pipe.  Not today.  It is now a cup holder for iced coffee.  How clever!



  1. I like this one because the straw isn’t necessarily what was focused on when you took the photo but your eyes are just drawn to it.

  2. Love how the straw pops! Clever cup holder.

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