Wednesday, April.21.2010

I have the best husband ever! I may be bias but I don’t care.

I have had a very loooong weekend and a stressful week thus far.  Today, like any typical Wednesday,  I worked 2 jobs, for a total of a 16 hour day. Definitely could be worse, but tiring none the less. So to my surprise when I finally made it home for the night,  I had a card, flowers, and a puppy sitting on our kitchen table.

Flowers are beautiful; Card  is sentimental; puppy is adorable and named Doug. Thanks my love!



  1. Aww yay Derek for being awesome! The color is a little bit of a stretch on this one but I will give it to you since you had to make sure those pretty flowers were captured and used for the blog. Kinda more of a purple than a blue but I love how the light is shining on the petals in this one!

  2. great shot! AND great hubby! AND great new job!! Yay Heather! 🙂

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