Friday, April.23.2010

Hilarious. Tonight a group of us went out for a friends surprise birthday gathering. Before we left for the train I grabbed my camera, as always, ready for action. We hit up some of the finer establishments in the BU/Kenmore area. The night went off without a hitch, minus the fact that as I tried to use my camera I realized I had very little battery left. Way to be prepared!

We caught the last train for the night and to our amusement we find this exhausted gentleman sound asleep.  According to some of the other passengers, his stop was at the place we got on.  They tried to wake him up without any luck. I used my last remaining battery power to snap this one photo before my camera completely quit on me. By the end of our journey he was still sound asleep. Hope he found his way home safely.

If it’s not clear, the color corresponds to the seat pattern!



  1. Hahahaha so glad drunk dude made the blog! Awesome picture!

  2. does he know he’s famous now? 😉

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