Wednesday, April.28.2010

My husband calls me today and lets me know that he has a surprise for me when he get home from work. I think to myself, what could it be? He gave me flowers last week…hmm.

When I get home from work he hands me a cardboard box. Inside I find a bathroom faucet. Apparently he won the “grand” prize at his lunch and learn. Now we have this beautiful faucet, apparently very expensive, without a home to install it in. I guess we will have to build our house around the one fixture we own.  Let the drafting begin.



  1. hahaha – very nice fixtures though! yup… and it’s a start? Now you just need the rest… piece of cake 😉

  2. Woo! Gotta start somewhere might as well start with a free snazzy faucet! Maybe he can win the remaining pieces you need!

  3. I see you upside down!! Very pretty 🙂

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