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68.macaroni and cheese

Monday, May.31.2010

After an eventful night at the wedding, a group of us decided to head to Newport, RI. One of our favorite restaurants, Brick Alley Pub was our first stop.  When lunch was over we moved on to first beach and visited our friend that works at Save the Bay.  We took a tour of their facility where I snapped some photos of marine life.

Apparently, this calico lobster is pretty rare (I don’t remember the exact statistic), so it was fortunate that I was able to meet one for myself!


69.pacific blue

Sunday, May.30.2010

Happy Wedding!!!  The ceremony and reception were in Bristol, RI; where we went to school.  It was so nice to be back.

The bride decided to create her “something blue” as a tasty blue cosmopolitan. It was creative idea for sure and absolutely delicious.  For us girls it was the drink of choice. It did stain our tongues blue…but it was worth it!


70.radical red

Saturday, May.29.2010

I am starting to realize that I truly enjoy taking close up shots. There is something so intriguing about the details and the various angles I can catch from manually zooming.


71.burnt orange

Friday, May.28.2010



Thursday, May.27.2010


73.cotton candy

Wednesday, May.26.2010

I got home late from work today and noticed this cloud off in the distance that was lighting up. It must have been heat lightning.  Regardless, I got in the house, grabbed my camera and tripod and was off shooting the night sky.  This is one of my favorites.



Tuesday, May.25.2010