Saturday, May.1.2010

We had my cousins over for dinner tonight. We hadn’t seen them in quite awhile so it was wonderful to catch up!

Since we don’t actually own a ‘grill’ we improvised by cooking homemade burgers on the george forman! As always they came out delicious, although the burgers were a little small for the buns…oops.  To compliment the burgers I made potato salad and roasted asparagus…yum! Best part was making our own sundays for dessert!



  1. Hahaha is using an object with the same name as the crayon cheating?! 😛 Your entry made me want a burger really bad but the green veggies you can keep for yourself 🙂

  2. Haha Dee! Crayola really nails their vegetation-colored crayons!

  3. perfect green! Gee, good idea to have asparagus for dinner, huh???

  4. i LOVE asparagus!!! YUM!!
    and i WILL call you tonite after LOST!! XO

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