Monday, May.10.2010

Ahhh…the pains women go through to look beautiful in the morning. I really only started straightening my hair in the past 6 months, so I really can’t complain too much.  At least not yet!

Check out the cool shadows too.  I ran out of sunlight for the day so I had to make due with my “studio” lighting. I use “studio” lightly because it is really horrible incandescent -yellow- light of all things. I really need to invest in a “white” light. If anything the yellow enhances the gold…so all is well.



  1. think you are right-too much yellow lighting.

  2. It’s a very cool shot for having to use your studio lighting 🙂 Agreed, having to straighten my hair is a pain in the butt but it really does look so much better if I take the time to do it haha.

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