83.red orange

Sunday, May.16.2010

Today I decided to plant some tomatoes. We went out and got all our supplies; there is definitely more to gardening than I ever imagined. I planted three tomato plants in each ‘pot’. The ‘pots’ are actually 5 gallon painting buckets; it pays to be economical right? Ironically enough the garden professionals at the nursery actually recommend them. Supposedly they grow well in these bucket…only time will tell.  Anyway, I’m sure  no one can miss them from at least a mile away.

Hopefully we are not too overgrown with tomatoes, apparently 6 little plants grow to gigantic plants…so I’ll be sharing I’m sure! I’m not sure when we will actually see the tomatoes grow…but I’m really excited for when they do!



  1. Well at least you don’t have to worry about people knocking them over because they didn’t see them 🙂 Maybe the buckets give them a lot of room to grow? Guess we will find out 🙂

  2. They are bright aren’t they?

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