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family dinner

Sunday, August.15.2010

The newest member of the extended family (my cousin’s puppy).  Meet Yogi!


Major Side note:
Today we had a great Sunday family dinner at my cousins’ house. During the summer, whenever we have an outing that involves friends, family, and food I automatically refer to it as a barbecue. I do not distinguish the type of food we eat as barbequing…it doesn’t matter what we eat it’s summer in the sun and family fun!

Derek pointed out today that my Italian side of the family doesn’t exactly barbecue (very often). Given my typical non-specific description of a family barbecue this weekend, he anticipated burgers and hot dogs, the bbq staple meal, but he was pleasantly surprised when we arrived. Appetizers include cheese  & crackers, bread with dipping oil, pepperoni, olives etc.  Dinner usually involves pasta, chicken, salad, and sausage or beef. Don’t think we are done yet…you can forget my favorite part – dessert! Dessert involves way too much to name, but some of my favorites are whoopie pies, lemon squares, pitsalies, & cheesecake (usually there is at least one desert per person which means junk food overload…but oh so delicious.)

Anyway, I guess I need to be more food specific when we have a family dinner.


a walk in the park

Saturday, August.14.2010

When we realized how gorgeous the weather was today, we decided to be adventurous and take a stroll through the park. We didn’t know “park” meant forest. Regardless, we had a wonderful hike and I got to document the trip.

I have been trying to work on my lighting technique; the sunight filtered through the trees giving me a lot to work with.  To his great disappointment, my husband became my “model” for the afternoon. Once he warmed up and forgot I was actually holding a camera, I thought it went quite well.

Here are a few of my favorites…

contemplating life

all dried up

break time

end of the road

h1 blue

Friday, August.6.2010 is officially complete. I hope you enjoyed this adventure as much as I did. Check back soon for another blog topic!


2.jazzberry jam

Thursday, August.5.2010


3.jungle green

Wednesday, August.4.2010

h1 green

Tuesday, August.3.2010


5.tropical rain forest

Monday, August.2.2010