Sunday, September.5.2010

Last weekend I had my first engagement photo shoot!

Two of my close friends, Colin and Lindsey, are getting married in a few weeks and after over a year of their engagement we finally cracked down and set up a time to take their photos. Since both Lindsey and I had to work later in the day, we settled on 8am on Sunday morning…talk about early.  Fortunately, when we arrived at Blue Hill in Milton, we realized everyone else in the world thought it was early too…there was no one around.  So we spent a few solid hours wandering around taking photos before other visitors arrived;  we also beat the heat!

Here are a few of my favorites!



  1. I LOVE the slide pic, their faces are priceless! These pics are gorgeous!

  2. great shots 🙂

  3. These pictures came out great! I think my favorite is the piggyback one! Also I love that they took a picture in Pats jerseys 🙂

  4. yey!!! These are a few of my faves too!! 😀 you truly are amazing at capturing our personalities!

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