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the low down

Wednesday, April.7.2010

I have always enjoyed photography.  My first camera was a pink mickey-matic by kodak. I was so proud of that camera; it would go everywhere with me.  There was no built-in flash; it required a flip flash and used 110mm film.  I would get so frustrated when the flash was used up!

As time went on I raided my father’s camera stash and used whatever I could get my hands on.  By the time I was around 13, I was using my very own Canon Rebel G 35mm film SLR. Special thanks to my uncle for his generous contribution to my photographic dreams.

To this day I still use my Rebel G, but for now I will be shooting with a Canon PowerShot G7, 10.0 megapixels.

During high school I was exposed to the endless possibilities available with a camera in hand.  Once in college I continued my studies and graduated with a minor in photography.  In school my classes focused on film cameras and spending countless hours in the darkroom.  Needless to say these future projects will be a bit of an adjustment for me.


my new adventure

Tuesday, April.6.2010

Step 1: create user name
Step 2: create password
Step 3: start blogging

Wow! They make it sound so easy. Well it is…isn’t it? I admit I am having some writers block already on where to begin. So here goes…

I intend to use this blog as a means to document my personal photography projects. Recently, I have rediscovered my love for photography; this blog will be a catalog of my artistic photo progression.  I’ll get into the specifics of my ideas later. First off, I need to master the art of to make this blog one of a kind.

Bare with me for the next week or so while I experiment with and get this blog up and running.  I am eager to get started and I invite you along for the ride!  Thanks for your support!