Sunday, April.18.2010

The title of this crayon is not only a clever name!

I consider myself a pretty avid reader.  Although I usually borrow books from friends or the library, I actually splurged and own this one.  It is one of my favorites; if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it! Just don’t give into the temptation to watch the movie, its very disappointing.

I have never understood how movie producers can advertise a movie is based on “some book” but yet the movie does not follow the story line. I guess that is one of my pet peeves with the movie industry.

Random tip for the day: Stick to books…movies ruin them! You may not agree…but that’s my motto.


One comment

  1. You should do advertising for Jodi haha you are already raving about her books. So it’s quite fitting that you were able to use one of her books for your project. I like that the natural light almost looks like it’s casting the lighting on the girl on the cover, well played.

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